‘El Chapo’ Had Penis Enlargement Surgical Treatment Prior to Arrest; Mexican Drug Lord Suffering Depression in Prison

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman went through penis enhancement surgery months prior to he was recaptured. Now that he’s positioned in a stricter jail, the Mexican drug lord is allegedly struggling with anxiety.

Daily Mail reported that, when Guzman remained in hiding from the authorities following his prison escape, he apparently got testicular implants to improve the blood circulation in his penile pump. The 57-year-old drug kingpin was stated to be struggling with impotence.


Guzman had the procedure between September and October 2015 in a Tijuana center near the United States border and, right after this, he met his paramour, actress Kate Del Castillo. It is declared that he had the procedure for the women he was seeing, aside from Del Castillo.

TMZ reported that authorities found syringes, prescription antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and injectable testosterone in his property when Guzman was apprehended. Sources near Mexico’s forensic medical professionals also exposed that the infamous guy had post-operative scars. “I saw the scars on the back, hips and reproductive system,” one of the sources verified through Sinembargo.

Authorities are taking no opportunities and have increased security around him now that Guzman is back in prison. Even his better half, Emma Coronel, has been disallowed from visiting him and his food is first tasted by dogs to make sure that he does not get poisoned. “A K9 tastes the food first because we must look after his physical stability in case someone wants to poison him,” said penitentiary head Eduardo Guerrero via New York Post.

The dogs are likewise trained to acknowledge Guzman’s fragrances as they double the guards in case the drug lord attempts another escape. Guerrero told the press it looks like the drug lord is done living the life of a gotten away found guilty. Guerrero likewise noted Guzman looked depressed and exhausted when he arrived at the penitentiary.

Prison authorities have offered the drug authority books and reading products to productively spend his time and CNN reported that he isn’t really made to invest hours holed up in his cell. Prison officials keep moving him to various rooms and, throughout his first night at the penitentiary, Guzman was apparently moved cells 7 times.


Guzman’s legal representatives, who are the only individuals allowed to see the prisoner, declared that their client is being maltreated and isolated from other prisoners. The penitentiary has not addressed this accusation however specified that the prison has 400 cams watching Guzman and that 600 more are going to be included by April.

New implant extends a penis by TWO INCHES and lasts for life

A UROLOGIST has actually developed a cutting edge penis augmentation procedure that increases both the length and girth of a penis.

Under-endowed men can struggle with a crippling lack of self-esteem and, in many cases, it can even cause depression and problems with intimacy.

It was recently exposed that, despite the risk, some males are even inserting pearls inside their penises in a bid to increase sexual pleasure.

sex length

Now, males who abide by the maxim size matters might have a silicone implant for 9,000 that increases their manhood s length and girth by around 2 inches.

Beverly Hills urologist, Dr James Elist, offers patients the choice in between three implant sizes for the procedure: Large, additional big and double extra-large.

The specialist, who has more than 35 years’ experience, told Daily

Mail Online: Nobody wishes to have a little or medium one.

Dr Elist gained notoriety as the first doctor to connect cigarette smoking to impotence and for decades carried out a relatively extensive operation where men with an impotence were fitted a prosthesis into the arteries of the penis.

The procedure was designed so that blood might stream through the arteries, permitting the male to achieve an erection.

Dr Elist said: I discovered after insertion of the implant, between a year or more, the majority of men were grumbling that the size of their penis diminished.

They did have an erection, but the girth and length of the penis decreased.

Treatments to enhance penis girth at the time involved injecting fat however this was absorbed within six months and triggered swellings and bumps under the penis.


Tissue transplants and gel fillers were frequently utilized to decrease wrinkles but these likewise shown to be inefficient.

In 2002, Dr Elist devised the idea of implanting a soft silicone sheath under the penis.

This is similar to breast augmentation but a breast implant is a bag filled with silicone gel or in some cases saline, he stated.

My implant is various; it’s not filled with anything. The content is extremely soft silicone with the shape of the penis which covers the penis for 270 degrees around and the entire length of the penis.

The physician patented his innovation and started performing the operations in 2004.

Since then, he has actually established the design, shape, techniques and even the surgery itself.

The urologist stated: Now at this moment in time, we have the best product: Something that I’m truly extremely happy and even happy to provide to the community.

The patient is put under regional anesthetic and a little incision of an inch to an-inch-and-a-half is made in the groin.

The doctor inserts the implant through the cut, until it gets under the skin of the penis.

Instantly after the treatment, the patients penis will have broadened by 1.5 to 2.5 inches.

However, while the size of the penile implant is partly as much as the patient, it is also based on their skin.

Dr Elist said: Some clients, sadly, are born with tight skin or when they had the circumcision, a lot of skin was eliminated, so they don t have enough skin. For them we start with large.

Clients with good skin are generally provided an extra-large implant to begin with.

Although the implant is designed to be long-lasting, Dr Elist said that 10 to 15 percent of his clients decide to upgrade after the treatment and go with an extra big.

Recovery from the 45-minute treatment is quick and guys are able to return to their typical routine the following day.

However, patients should avoid sexes, including masturbation and oral sex, for between four and six weeks later on.

Dr Elist said: That is extremely important. Regrettably a few of our patients did not follow the guidelines and we had some issues.

The skin is thin at that point, so it can get infected and you’d need to eliminate it.

Presently, the urologist performs 2 of these implantation procedures every day and he receives patients from as far as Moscow and Brazil.

According to Dr Elist, the vast bulk of his clients see a marked improvement to their confidence after undergoing the operation.

We did a study of 400 of our patients retrospectively, and we discovered that the self-confidence of clients has enhanced significantly, he told Daily Mail Online.

He said males whose confidence levels pre-op were at a couple of out of 10, reported self-confidence levels up to nine or 10 after the procedure.

You Wouldn’t Believe the Lengths Some Male Go to Enlarge Their Penises

For guys, the expectations fall further listed below the belt. And while conversations surrounding male enhancement tend fall on surgical treatments and pharmaceuticals, a specific sect of guys have actually uncovered a more natural way of expanding their members: they tug on it.

Penis extending has actually ended up being a quite popular type of body adjustment. And though there’s no clinical evidence to prove it a reliable method, there is a passionate and broadening neighborhood to back it. The Penis Enlargement Gym (PEGym) is an online male improvement community that has upwards of nearly 70,000 members. And at the foundation of their training lies an exercise called jelqing.


The exercise includes the pulling and stretching of a semi-erect penis. After using some pressure, they need to carefully pull the penis outside, away from the body, as if milking the organ.

The theory behind the practice is a little dense and a dicey. According to the men at PEGym, the force administered by jelqing develops micro tears in the penile tissue. Brand-new cells then grow to repair the tears. They say that through this controlled damage and then restoring, the tissue will hypertrophy and the smooth muscle will grow, which will successfully lead to a bigger penis.

Kimberly Wylie, managing editor of PEGym, described to AlterNet via email, this is a similar procedure to muscle building in other locations of the body. Workouts damage muscle fibers and, throughout rest periods, the body repairs this damage, leading to increases in muscle mass.

It doesn’t stop with jelqing, either. There’s the ruler stretch, the slow crank stretch, the bundled stretch, the leg-tuck-pull stretch and other acrobatics that may make you think having a penis isn’t the only requirement to satisfy before performing such stunts. PEGym suggests seasoned stretchers attempt jelqing for 25 minutes a day, up to 5 days a week. That means by the time the year covers, these men will have invested around 96 hours stretching themselves for the sake of size. The outcomes are said to be permanent.


Male improvement coach AJ Alfaro explained to AlterNet, we advise that anyone who’s contemplating male enhancement first get examined by their physician Even in the best-case circumstances there’s going to be a threat of injury. This should be acknowledged from the beginning, however by taking precautionary procedures as advised the threat is significantly decreased.

The medical community remains doubtful of the process. Robert Valenzuela, a urologist at NY-Presbyterian Hospital, told AlterNet, the concept that causing micro fractures in the body of the penis can result in lengthening is completely unproven The claim that penile extending devices might trigger micro fractures would be very worrisome because it may ultimately lead to Peyronie’s illness.

Valenzuela likewise noted that patients who wear penis-stretching gadgets can end up with swelling, bruising, irritation and other disorders that can hinder sexual function. Some even establish abrasions that can facilitate the spread of sexually transmitted illness like herpes and genital warts (caused by the human papilloma virus).

  1. Francois Eid, a specialist in penile restoration, says any sort of “tearing” of the penis is much more most likely to result in the formation of scar tissue and erectile dysfunction than a bigger member. According to Eid, overstretching the external layer of the penile shaft can in fact harm the body’s capability to trap blood in the penis during an erection.

Even without a doctor’s approval, it’s reasonable why the method may appeal to some guys. In a paper published in BJUI International, Marco Oderdo and Paolo Gontero of the University of Turin discuss that a lot of people discover themselves “attracted by the concept of a non-invasive, affordable approach of having their penis bigger.

“By way of example, if we search Google for the mix penile extending exercise we can find as much as 41,800 outcomes!” That was in 2010. Ought to you Google the expression today, you’ll be hit with over 200,000 potential links. As Eid told us, it would be remarkable if a simple treatment like stretching the penis would lead to an enlargement. When pushed further on the guarantees of penis stretching, however, he emphasized, “It’s a myth.”.

Still, there are a lot of penis-stretching enthusiasts out there; guys prepared to invest hours each week in hopes of getting anywhere from a little to a lot in the way of penis size. PEGym’s Wylie insists that thousands of males on the website “have actually reported longer, thicker, harder, and much healthier penises, thanks to manual penis exercises. Richard Howard II, a regular factor to PEGym who offers his training services for simply under $300, claims to have actually acquired over 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth through his own penile working out strategies.

The penis has constantly been linked to a male’s sense of virility, says Alfaro, the male improvement coach. We attempt to help males to see increasing penis size as something useful and self-confidence boosting, however not necessary.

Porn has presented an extremely slim image of what males are supposed to look like, and the sexting pattern puts pressure on some men to present like images in their personal lives. According to a survey conducted by PEGym, the majority of guys interested in improving their penis size fall between the ages of 18 and 34 years old of the 92 males who volunteered for a 2005 research study on small penises, all fell within the typical size variety, or 5-7 inches when erect. Conason notes, There’s a lot of mythology associated with these huge penises that guys think everyone is strolling around with.

Sexologist Carol Queen reminds us, while some women want male partners with large penises, that is by no ways real of all women. Larger is not better for everyone, and most of the men who enjoy augmentation appear to be under the impression that any and all partners will like the outcomes better than they’d have liked the initial penis the individual got at the factory.

There are other augmentation approaches out there, too. PEGym in fact recommends seasoned stretchers shift to penis hanging, or, the process of hanging weights from one’s penis. Again, there’s a health risk included. AskMen reports that though it’s been shown that the process might increase the length of the penis over a long period of time, its density will in fact decrease. Blood flow likewise decreases, which can possibly cause necrosis, or tissue death.

For a penis to qualify it should measure less than 2.75 inches in length. Some insurance coverage companies will cover the treatments for guys determining less than 4 inches in length.

There’s likewise a long list of pills and items, though numerous sexologists have actually largely dismissed this segment of the market on account of the snake oil salespersons it tends to draw in. In 2010, FDA representatives took nearly $350,000 worth of penis-extending gadgets, part and erectile quality displays made by a company called FastSize LLC on the premises that the devices were unapproved and made under conditions that didn’t fulfill the present requirements.

Luckily, simpler options exist. There are two things that a man can do that might make a distinction, Queen states. Cutting public hair makes more of his shaft noticeable, and losing weight implies that the fat pad on his pelvis will cover less of his length. Lots of large individuals seem to have a small penis specifically because their pubis has actually obscured a few of it.

That stated, it’s likely that any obsession with size doesn’t simply begin and end with the penis. Psychologist Conasan says, we have the tendency to buy into this idea that things can be solved by changing our body and that there’s some magic pill or potion or exercise we can do to change our body, and it sidetracks us from exactly what’s really going on. There’s something else that’s causing them to hyper-focus on this one thing.